Anxiety is an inevitable part of life...

but it is manageable.


Mindy Utay

Stress is a normal part of life. We experience stress daily with partners, with family, and at work.   Yet it's often not the actual anxiety but deep-seated issues surrounding it—like our responses to authority, approval and criticism—that steer us toward undermining patterns of behavior and make us feel overwhelmed.


Trained as both a lawyer and a psychotherapist, I give people the tools to understand the sources of the anxiety and conflict in their lives, and to cope with it more effectively. Skills like self-advocacy, communication, and mindfulness practices help people feel more in control of their thoughts and feelings.

If we have self-awareness and skills, we can learn how to respond rather than react to stress and feel more balance in our lives, putting us on track for positive relationships and outcomes—both personal and professional.




I practice solution-oriented and targeted therapy to help my patients move forward in life.


Trust, listening, and honesty form the foundation of every successful marriage.  Each person must feel heard and understood.  




Many patients find that mindful breathing practices alleviate anxiety and help them feel calm and centered.  


Work stress can be detrimental to our lives. The quality of our work relationships can influence our mood and productivity.

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