Individual Counseling

I practice solution-oriented and targeted therapy to help my patients move forward in life. My clients range from young adults to highly-skilled professionals.  With them, I focus on:

  • Professional and personal development

  • Life transitions, including marriage, divorce, parenting and loss

  • Intimacy and healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Integrative paths to inner peacefulness, including breathing and meditation


Working together with clients, I help them recalibrate and find a new understanding of who they are, where they want to go, and how they can get there.


Trust, listening, and honesty form the foundation of every successful relationship.  Each person must feel heard and understood.  Like any form of love, romantic relationships make us vulnerable to feeling hurt—and the most common defense against hurt is anger.  Yet, without vulnerability, there is no true intimacy.


When we feel angry, we may attack with words, or feel attacked and afraid.  We speak without carefully choosing words, so communication can quickly become toxic.  I help couples listen to each other with openness and empathy.  I give them tools to understand:

  • Patterns from past relationships

  • Negative models they may have witnessed growing up

  • Empathetic listening

  • Strategies to communicate without defensiveness

Couples therapy can be helpful even before marriage. Issues like money, for example, can bring stress and anxiety to couples as they are planning their life together. I believe that every couple can benefit from premarital counseling so they set out on life as true partners with the skills to resolve any conflict that may arise.


This is especially true in an age of prenuptial agreements.  In the best circumstances, prenups can be an opportunity to clarify values, strengthen communication and align expectations about the roles in a relationship.  However, prenups can become a battleground for not only couples but for their families, who are sometimes involved either directly or behind the scenes.


Using my dual background as an attorney and a therapist, I help couples in all stages of their relationship deepen their bond and address differences as allies rather than adversaries. 


Many patients find that mindful practices alleviate anxiety and help them feel calm and centered.  When we’re upset and anxious, we want to rid ourselves of these disturbing feelings, and we sometimes adopt unhealthy behaviors to mask depression and anxiety.  A more effective approach is breath work and mindfulness.  These practices have many benefits:

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Increase focus and mental clarity

  • Provide heightened sense of well being

  • Preserve energy


Used in tandem with psychotherapy, mindful practices can be another resource to alleviate anxiety and bring a greater sense of control and clarity to our lives.


Work stress can be detrimental to our lives. The quality of our work relationships can influence our mood and productivity. Relationships with superiors, colleagues, employees or business partners are as important to our wellbeing as our personal relationships. To understand work difficulties, we explore:


  • Organizational structures in the workplace

  • Relationships conflicts and how to identify problem relationships

  • Frustration tolerance, perfectionism, criticism and approval

  • Internalized attitudes and values that affect performance

My background includes prior experience as a lawyer and in business affairs. This helps clients feel understood as we identify and resolve workplace conflicts.