Clinical Work

  • Psychotherapy and emotionally focused conflict resolution for individuals, couples and families
  • Relationship therapy including marital and premarital therapy
  • Career Guidance and Support, career-change and time management 
  • Psychoanalysis 

Workshops and Presentations

  • When Love is a Battlefield: 
    A presentation on couples therapy that integrates trauma and attachment theory to help couples manage conflict, talk openly to each other, and find exciting new ways to love.
  • Boomerang Kids:
    A no-nonsense, practical workshop to help parents negotiate the return home of young adult children after college
  • Parenting Special Needs Children: 
    A talk about the challenges of maintaining marital intimacy when raising a child with special needs

Media Interviews

An expert on relationship conflict resolution and all areas of mental health, Mindy has been invited to appear on television and radio to discuss current issues in the news and lifestyle topics of interest.  

Drawing on multiple fields of expertise, and a clear and casual communication style, Mindy offers an approach that is unique, engaging and informative.