Anxious about being anxious?

There’s a certain type of anxiety that I am seeing more frequently in my practice.  Some patients are extremely uncomfortable with accepting that anxiety is a normal part of life.  Their anxiety becomes a separate cause of concern.  They worry a [...]

When Separation Helps a Marriage

  There are times when the bonds of matrimony are too close. Instead of creating emotional connection and mutual respect, couples are locked into a feeling of oneness in the relationship to avoid identifying and expressing their own individual [...]

Do Prenups Ruin the Wedding Romance?

With June wedding season in full bloom, some couples are doing more than walking down the aisle and jetting off on their honeymoon. Many couples are discussing prenups. Is this planning a happy future together, or a divorce? For some people it [...]

Calming Post-Election Anxiety

You don’t have to look far to see the chaos and insecurity in our country since the election. We are bombarded by politics in the news, online, and in conversations with friends and family, all confusing and upsetting. Even if you voted in favor [...]

Not Feeling Thanksgiving This Year?

  Thanksgiving is a holiday for gratitude, for giving thanks. Yet many people are dreading it. This year, it feels especially hard to be thankful with so much change and uncertainty in the air. In every season and in each moment, we can chos [...]

Brangelina: Divorcing with Kids

The Brangelina divorce is pretty ordinary except for the fact that it involves two megawatt celebrities in one of the most high profile marriages of our time. Division of assets and child custody and visitation will be just like in any ordinary divor [...]